The Size of Air

In this installation, Kinly Grey brought the sky to the street, inviting you to immerse yourself in a dense field of blue light.Using projected footage of the sky and fog machines housed in a pop-up structure, Kinly Grey transformed the wonder of the clear and distant blue Brisbane sky into an intimate, joyful experience.

Moving through the work, your body is engulfed, your field of vision is reduced to a dim blur; altering perceptions of space and inviting a different way of experiencing our city. The Size of Air is the fourth of Kinly Grey’s blue smoke room series, presented here in its most ambitious scale yet.

LOCATION:  Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD.
DATES: 25-27 October, 2017

The Size of Air is half of LIGHT / AIR; a pairing of work curated by McCarthy-Swann that supports artist interventions into public space with the most ephemeral and intangible of materials. The Weight of Light, by Meagan Streader, launched the project in September 2017, with a large-scale new work in Spring Hill Reservoir.


The Size of Air was proudly supported by Brisbane City Council

‘Public Art is for everybody: a roundtable discussion with Amy-Clare McCarthy, Kieran Swann, Kinly Grey and Meagan Streader’ by Emily Wakeling, published by Eyeline. (Available in print or by subscribing)

An exhibition write up on ABC News can be read here.

Installation images by Carl Warner.