Intimate Immensity

For thousands of years, people have looked to the stars and the sky for mapping and wayfinding, to tell and share stories, and to try to understand our place in the infinite universe. Across different time periods and geographies, people have sought the spiritual through the celestial, and identified constellations to orientate themselves within something monumental and unfathomable. We are guided by the sun and the moon, through the changing light of day, and the rise and fall of the tides. This exhibition brings together six artists whose work considers our relationship to the cosmos, translating the immense scale of cosmic time and space into tangible moments.

Artists: Ali BezerAnastasia BoothSundari CarmodyKinly GreyJenna Lee and Lisa Sammut.

Curated by Katherine Dionysius and Amy-Clare McCarthy.

Exhibition essay by Katherine Dionysius and Amy-Clare McCarthy

Exhibition video documentation.

Exhibition documentation by Charlie Hillhouse

Outer-Space_Intimate-Immensity-Exhibition-Documentation_LR-72foreground: Anastasia Booth, on wall: Ali Bezer

foreground: Anastasia Booth, left to right: Ali Bezer, Sundari Carmody

Outer-Space_Intimate-Immensity-Exhibition-Documentation_LR-62Anastasia Booth, foreground: dissonance: the twins 2019, etched mirror, hand-formed copper, plaster, acrylic paint, metal lacquer,  and vanishing: sighted on the horizon 2017-2019, etched glass, oxidised hand-formed copper, hand-formed sterling silver

Anastasia Booth vanishing: sighted on the horizon 2017-20199, etched glass, oxidised hand-formed copper, hand-formed sterling silver

Outer-Space_Intimate-Immensity-Exhibition-Documentation_LR-79Ali Bezer Static 2019

left to right: Anastasia Booth, Sundari Carmody, Ali Bezer

Outer-Space_Intimate-Immensity-Exhibition-Documentation_LR-53Sundari Carmody Milky Way 2018, Papaver Somniferum seeds in organza, 250 x 425cm

Outer-Space_Intimate-Immensity-Exhibition-Documentation_LR-36left to right: Jenna Lee, Sundari Carmody, Lisa Sammut, Anastasia Booth

Jenna Lee Balarr 2019

left to right: Lisa Sammut, Sundari Carmody

Lisa Sammut modest monuments 2018, four channel HD video, looped

Kinly Grey expanding bodies 2019, fluorescent tubes

Kinly Grey expanding bodies 2019, fluorescent tubes