NETHERWORLDS are grappling at the corners of the everyday, carving dark sanctums thick with power, love, and potential. Through object and performance, this exhibition claims space between contemporary art and the spiritual.

Informed by emergent contemporary relationships between ideas of magic, mysticism, cultural ritual, and art making, NETHERWORLDS reflects on theories of early performance as invocational ritual, and prehistoric art as sympathetic magic (first proposed by ethnographer Richard Andree). Drawing on ideas of communitas, perceived and actual power, and the exoticised ‘other’, NETHERWORLDS foregrounds contemporary perspectives on the crafting of safe space and the empowerment of diverse artists through ritual and talisman on creative contexts.

Through her sonic practice, Naomi Blacklock subverts the history of her gender and cultural identity as ‘othered’ via accusations of witchraft or exoticised as ‘mystical’; Anastasia Booth embodies the subversive and mythological ‘Baubo’ – comic, lusty, and lascivious; Chantal Fraser questions the milieu of art, culture, and adornment; Caitlin Franzman explores the role of the diviner to work with methods and symbols of ritual in contemporary work; Clay Kerrigan melds artistic process and goetic ritual to craft collage-portraits; and Blake Lawrence considers images and encounters of men who have sex with men through the lens of natural spiritual practice.

With further writing by curators Amy-Clare McCarthy and Kieran Swann reflecting on the intertwined history of art and magic, and emergent queer, feminist, and culturally diverse practices, NETHERWORLDS opens dark and powerful spaces for those who know their true names.

Artists: Naomi Blacklock, Anastasia Booth, Chantal Fraser, Caitlin Franzmann, Blake Lawrence and Clay Kerrigan.

Curated by  Amy-Clare McCarthy and Kieran Swann.

Seventh Gallery: 6-22 December, 2017

The Walls, Gold Coast: 5-19 August, 2017

Firstdraft, Sydney: 5-29 October, 2016
As part of Firstdraft’s Emerging Curators Program

Exhibition documentation at The Walls (Opening night with performances):

foreground: Naomi Blacklock, Parallel Presence

Clay Kerrigan; Gate & Road

Caitlin Franzmann; Magical Thinking

above: Anastasia Booth, Portrait of Baubo

Naomi Blacklock, Parallel Presence (in performance)

Naomi Blacklock, Parallel Presence (in performance)


Exhibition documentation at Firstdraft

fd_1finalrear: Chantal Fraser, #traditional #blurredlines
foreground: Caitlin Franzmann, Magical Thinking
documentation by Anastasia Booth

firstdraftoct16-0045Chantal Fraser, #traditional #blurred lines, detail
documentation by Zan Wimberley

firstdraftoct16-0041Caitlin Franzmann, Magical Thinking
documentation by Zan Wimberley

fd_2finalAnastasia Booth, Portrait of Scylla
documentation by Anastasia Booth

firstdraftoct16-0028screens: Anastasia Booth, Portrait of Artemis Portrait of Baubo
wall: Clay Kerrigan, Untitled (Collages 1-3)
documentation by Zan Wimberley

collage-detailClay Kerrigan, Untitled (Collage 1)
documentation by Kieran Swann

road-sigil-processClay Kerrigan, Road, Sigil, Untitled (Process)
documentation by Kieran Swann

fd_10Blake Lawrence, Box Set
documentation by Anastasia Booth

fd_9Blake Lawrence, Box Set (detail)
documentation by Anastasia Booth

blake-lawrence-imageNaomi Blacklock, Parallel Presence (performance)
documentation by Blake Lawrence

firstdraftoct16-0023Naomi Blacklock, Parallel Presence (residue)
documentation by Zan Wimberley

firstdraftoct16-0024Naomi Blacklock, Parallel Presence (residue)
documentation by Zan Wimberley